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Sinewave electronics is committed to the application research of acoustics and low-frequency field. After years of accumulation, acoustic products have achieved fruitful results, and the low-frequency field is unique.

At present, customers are distributed in many countries around the world, and the products are widely used in fire emergency communication, high-speed railway communication broadcasting, underwater communication, medical ultrasound, special communication and other fields.

With a lot of design and production experience, new product development speed and quality control ability are greatly improved. Power products support up to 100 kW power level and DC to MHz power signal conversion.

The integrated technology of high efficiency switching power supply and switching amplifier is the advantage of Sinewave electronics. A series of modular products of integrated power supply and power conversion have been launched one after another. More and more high efficiency products with high reliability and high power density are produced.

Based on the "balance to balance power conversion technology", the output transformer free high voltage converter has been widely used in the field of underwater acoustic communication. high electromagnetic compatibility, high stability, small volume, high power density and low cost are our remarkable advantages.

After years of technical research, underwater acoustic communication products have been serialized. FSK release communication all-in-one machine, integrated deck control unit, spread spectrum long-distance underwater acoustic communication unit, OFDM high-speed underwater acoustic communication unit have been launched one after another, and gradually applied in the field of marine monitoring and aquaculture.

High power low frequency and very low frequency products are novel and unique, and the unique modulation technology and high efficiency switching technology are highly recognized.

The company has accumulated strong technical manpower, core technical manpower have more than 10 years of professional product design experience, technology applications covering traditional products and the latest power conversion technology.

In the new century, new energy technology has been attached great importance and developed rapidly. All colleagues of Sinewave electronics make concerted efforts to give full play to their strengths, meet the challenges of the new era。

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  • PA7500 7channel 500W/100V/channel,7unit in one case
  • T216 professional multi-channel underwater acoustic amplifier array
  • PA16150 16channel 150W/100V/channel array