High-speed station broadcast system
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The automatic broadcast system of high-speed railway station is a broadcasting system combining fire emergency broadcast and service broadcast. It is used as station service broadcast in normal times and switched to fire service broadcast when there is fire alarm signal. In the business broadcast, mainly consists of automatic broadcast and manual broadcast.
The bus information source of the public broadcasting system of high-speed railway station comes from the information integration system. Under the control and management of the automatic broadcasting server, the bus information can be broadcast automatically through the digital voice synthesis broadcasting equipment. Use multilingual (mandarin, English, etc.) to broadcast the bus schedule dynamic information and station service information in related areas.
Manual call station is set up in the radio room, fire control room, platform and other places in the station, which can broadcast the call to any partition.
A manual broadcast is made at the platform through a manual call station. In the business broadcast gap, system configuration CD and other sources can play background music.
In the fire control broadcast, the fire control room staff starts the fire control broadcast (pre-recorded broadcast) in the station through the fire control broadcast linkage control signal or through the call station for manual broadcast. The integrated control signal of fire broadcast should be broadcast in the corresponding fire broadcast partition.
High-speed digital broadcasting system is adopted to construct, adopts the distributed equipment layout, node equipment and general control device adopts digital audio processing network system structure, this structure makes the audio signal transmission to avoid the traditional analog system audio losses, and in the control rooms can be artificial platform for all calls and monitoring equipment, and the expansion of the system has good performance.
Front end according to the construction structure and decoration characteristics of high-speed configuration has a variety of speakers, constitute a perfect sound field, the personnel changes of the larger locale noise pickup device, system can be adjusted automatically according to the variation of regional background noise in the size of the volume, make passengers always put the sound environment in a clear and stable.
System structure
1. Implementation method of automatic broadcasting
(1) ATS information trigger
Broadcast system from the track signal system ATS professional access to traffic information, train station automatic broadcast. A non-redundant TCP/IP Ethernet connection or RS422 connection can be used to transmit information between the broadcast system and the ATS network communication devices.
The message content sent by ATS to the broadcasting system includes: arrival notice broadcast (train is sent before the station), departure broadcast (train is sent when leaving the station) and jump broadcast (train is stopped at the station). The information allows the broadcast system to broadcast information about train access, departure and station hopping to passengers on the platform.
Receive the ATS control center broadcasting system from the train station information, through the Ethernet control signal or RS422 signal transmission to the corresponding station broadcasting system control unit, the control unit and the control signal is forwarded to the work of speech synthesis module within the system, automatic startup prerecorded speech signal to forecast broadcast in the memory card.
(2) track-line interval sensor information trigger
In tunnel and station head end sensing equipment installed on the wall, and in the tunnel, station equipment room and car control room laid communication cable, according to the installation of on-orbit line accurate location train position, the sensor trigger information to send the corresponding station broadcast audio signal or radio station broadcasting audio signal arrived at the station control terminal, controlled by the radio broadcasting terminal control this site background system control unit, the control unit will forward control signal and audio signal to such as audio tandem module of this system, finally through the radio broadcast the power amplifier in forecast.
2. Composition of broadcasting system
The broadcasting system is composed of central broadcasting equipment, station broadcasting equipment and network management server.
Central broadcasting equipment, which contains the following parts:
(1) central broadcasting control terminal and broadcasting operation station.
1) central broadcasting control terminal: industrial control computer with CobraNet special network card.
2) central broadcasting station: it is mainly made up of microphone, monitoring speaker, operation control keyboard and liquid crystal display
Display screen, network processing unit and CM-Express interface board.
(2) central broadcasting cabinet. The central broadcast cabinet is installed in the central equipment room of the control center, including the following equipment: cm-express interface board, audio exchange matrix, interface module, power module, etc.
Each station is equipped with a station broadcasting equipment, which mainly consists of the following two components:
(1) station duty officer broadcasting operation terminal and broadcasting operation station.
1) station watchman broadcasting operation terminal: it adopts industrial control computer and has CobraNet special network card.
2) station broadcasting operation station: the station broadcasting operation station is configured in the control room of each station
The platform includes microphone, monitor speaker, circuit input jack, LCD display, emergency broadcast button, other operating keys, network processing unit and cm-express interface board, etc.
(2) broadcasting cabinet. Station broadcasting cabinet is located in the communication equipment room of the station, mainly including cm-express interface board, interface module, audio exchange matrix, power amplifier and power supply module.
The system network management server adopts industrial control computer and has special CobraNet network card. Through the data transmission channel, the control center and station broadcast equipment unified monitoring and management.
3. Architecture design of broadcasting system
The high-speed station broadcasting system adopts the architecture of centralized management and decentralized control. Based on Ethernet technology, all the system equipment is connected to the VLAN of the broadcasting system either directly or through the interface equipment. The control signal transmission adopts TCP/IP protocol.
High-speed public broadcasting system is mainly composed of automatic broadcasting server, automatic broadcasting synthesis equipment, users operate the computer, radio systems management server, device management workstation, digital matrix system, digital voice recording equipment, background music playing, artificial calling station, power equipment and power amplifier for system, speakers, detector noise, programmable switch, the system interface hardware and software composition and so on. The control mode of TELNET or TCP/IP can be used to control the paging and control of other stations.
Install the centralized management equipment in the general broadcasting room; Manual call station, equipment management workstation, user operating computer, background music playback device, listening speaker and amplifier device are installed in the general control room and sub-control room.
4. Broadcasting system structure
The station broadcast system covers all areas of the station. Inside the station, there is a main machine room, a fire control duty room and multiple broadcast extension rooms. Each machine room is equipped with the equipment of broadcasting system, the field equipment such as loudspeaker, noise detector and volume regulator is installed in each station broadcasting area, and the fire control interface equipment and manual call station are set up in the radio room and the fire control center. Audio cables are used to connect the machine room with the on-site equipment and call stations, thus forming a set of organic whole with decentralized structure and centralized management, and forming a complete broadcasting system.
5. Broadcasting system functions
First, control center broadcast function. The control center dispatcher can broadcast to the whole station, any station, any precinct or several precincts through the central broadcast operation terminal or broadcast operation station. The central broadcasting operation terminal has the following functions.
(1) with microphone, voice, circuit and other broadcast functions.
(2) it has the broadcast mode of whole line, single station, partition, etc.
(3) it has the function of broadcasting occupation instruction and constituency occupation instruction at all levels. Control the central broadcast console through a wireless communication system.
Second, station broadcasting. The station duty officer may, through station broadcasting equipment, make constituency broadcasting, multi-district broadcasting or single constituency broadcasting to all the jurisdiction areas of the station.
High MTR station broadcasting system is relatively complex, rigorous and efficient, stable sine wave electronic targeted developed a series of support products, including digital amplifier series 100 v without output transformer, power amplifier for automatic detection of switcher, audio matrix, emergency switches, COBRANET access switch series, constitute a set of perfect high-speed broadcast system, solved the old system's ills, the application of energy saving and efficient, the man-machine relationship good new technology, recognised by the majority of customers praise.