AW61 6channels amplifier auto backup switcher
    Publish time 2016-06-22 14:04    
AW61 6channels amplifier auto backup switcher

AW61 6channels amplifier input and output signal fault detection auto Switch to backup channel, fixed 7th channel as backup channel


1. 6channels amplifier I/O signal detection, diagnostic the amplifier status real time.

2. high quality active filters inside, suit for high noise environment .

3. 7th channel is fixed backup channel

4. amplifier status display on the front panel, process result display on the panel.

5. RS485 monitor function, all the process can be report to RS485.

6.100v-265Vac 50Hz-60Hz ac supply.


Power Source

100v-265Vac 50Hz-60Hz ac supply.


6 channels input signal

7 channels output signal to amplifier as input signal

7 channels amplifier power signal input

6 channels processed amplifier power signal to speaker

Input signal

Phoenix balance input 4Vrms max

Output signal

Phoenix balance output 4Vrms max

Power signal

Phoenix 2pin amplifier power signal input 50Vrms-120Vrms

Power out

120V/8A continuous current max

Frequency Response

20Hz-20KHz  +1dB/-1dB






RS485 status reply

LED Indictor

6 input signal indictor(GREEN)

7 amplifier ERROR indictor(ORANGE)

7 switch to backup indictor(RED)


-10 to +40