Company profile

Sinewave company established in 2008, Famous city Hangzhou in China have their local main office, due to their  technical advantage ,long time tireless and enterprising, many of world's audio and other area professional customers use sinewave products .

Sinewave have good experience to develop professional audio amplifier and sonar amplifier, cover the wide range from 0HZ-1MHZ,power range from several watt to thounds watt

SMPS and class D amp all-in-one solution is Sinewave core technology. 

Above 3000W amp, Sinewave engineers developed advanced Multifeedback System with Ultrafast Mosfet Bridge class D amp, it have widely used in our high level amp ,covered 2500W-10000W amp. 

Especially Sinewave technology invented the transformerless constant voltage amplifier, sinewave developed original‘B to B ‘technology, it is the high-end and smart solution in this area, this technology is gradually and widely applied to audio and industry system. 4KW 100V industry amp have applied to industry testing site , works well. This technology support 100W-5000W power level and 10Hz -40KHz frequency range.

Sinewave have over 5 extremely rich experience engineers, all of them have over 10years professional experience in product development. From older tube amplifier to good sound Class A amplifier, even classAB amplifier to class H , Sinewave have good analog amplifier design to product ability.

 New century, Green engineer is direction, High watt density switch power supply technology fit in high efficiency class D technology, sinewave has been following closely of the multiunit high efficiency technology, completed more kinds of technology directivity products.

Products to the market and gradually mature, now sinewave products covering professional audio amp to Hi-end home audio amp, especially some military project settle down our company, sinewave sonar amplifier have widely used in some special area, win very good praise.

We happily face to the opportunities and challenges that come with new energy technologies .Sinewave face to the technical challenge, dare to try the new technology , unites our customers ,believe we have bright future.

Note: B to B technology, it is one new class D technology from sinewave, balance signal input and balance powered signal output, good signal performance and better stability.