DU1000, 1KWrms Portable Sonar Amplifier
    Publish time 2016-10-05 11:20    
Portable Sonar Amplifier, plastic case and portable design, suit for any temparary suitation.
DU1000, 1KWrms Portable Sonar Amplifier
DU1000 Portable Sonar Amplifier


1.1KWrms rated power,400-500Vrms voltage output
2.1KHz-100KHz frequency response
3.Signal Sensitivity:1Vrms
4.Output Voltage:<600Vrms,Balance or Single end,Standard military port
5.Monitor port:BNC single end
6.Circuit Topic:class D B to B circuit
7.Board Level:Half Bridge SMPS and class D amplifier all in one 
9.Net Weight:5Kg